Internet Safety Policy

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Information for parents with children in Stagekids

We are very conscious of the need to be careful about what we publish on the Internet. We undertook some research on the subject and, while there is no legislation about what we can and can't publish on our website, there are a number of informal guidelines available. These guides all say very much the same sort of thing and have been closely followed in formulating our own policy which is outlined below.


  • We may occasionally - and ONLY with parental permission - mention a child BY FIRST NAME. If a name is mentioned it will NOT be used to caption a photograph.
  • Surnames of children will NOT be published. The only surnames that will appear on the website will be those of adult helpers of the group.


  • We may occasionally - and ONLY with parental permission - publish photographs of children in the group.
  • We will avoid 'close-ups' and photos of an individual child - group photos are preferable.
  • If a photo is captioned the description it will NEVER include the names of the children shown.
  • The image will be kept as small as possible so that no great detail is visible and so that the image will 'blur' if enlarged making any digital manipulation difficult.

Personal Information:

  • We will NOT publish any information that could make a child easily identifiable.
  • This means things such as home addresses, home and mobile telephone numbers or personal email addresses will NOT be published.
  • This also means that names of children will NOT be used to caption any photographs.

Parental Permission:

  • Parental Permission for photos and names will be requested in writing through completion of a form.
  • A separate form is required for each child who is a member of Stagekids.

Chat-rooms & Comment-books:

  • The Stagekids website will NOT include a chat-room.
  • The Stagekids website will NOT include a Comments or Guest-book. However, any comments you wish to make about this website can be forwarded by emailing us at:

Email Addresses:

  • We will NOT publish personal email addresses of children who are members of the group.
  • The ONLY email address shown in the website is the group's own:
  • Email sent to this address can only be accessed by the adults who run the group. If this email address proves to be misused it will be cancelled.

Links to other Websites:

  • We will take care to ensure that any links to other websites are correct and to appropriate internet sites.
  • Please remember that Stagekids is not responsible for the content of other websites.


  • If you are a parent with a child in Stagekids and are concerned about anything published on this website or have any comments then please contact us by email at:
  • Alternatively you can always speak to Sandra, Dawn, Kathryn or Nerys before or after a meeting.

Please remember....!

While the need to be safety conscious is important, the internet is also fun.
This website is here to recognise and celebrate your children's achievements with Stagekids.